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If your Nissan key fob battery dies somewhere in Kansas City, you may feel hopelessly unable to use your Nissan, but don’t worry. You may need a Nissan key fob replacement or Nissan key fob battery change, but you can still get into and drive your Nissan. Learn how to start a Nissan with a dead key fob and more from the team at the Elevated Nissan service center, and you’ll be back on the road in no time! 


How To Get into Your Nissan With a Dead Nissan Key Fob Battery

Although you may need a Nissan key fob replacement, it’s still possible for you to get into your Nissan. Just follow these steps:

  • First, flip the key fob over, then push the small release latch.
  • Pull out the hidden emergency key from the bottom of the fob.
  • Insert the key in the driver’s side door and unlock it to enter.

How to Start Your Nissan With a Dead Nissan Key Fob Battery

Now you’re in your car, but you still need to know how to start your Nissan so that you can get on Olathe roads! First note that there are two possible scenarios for your Nissan that will impact what you do next: 

  1. If your Nissan car, truck, or SUV has a key fob port:
  • You can still put the fob in the port
  • Then, tap the brake pedal or clutch as you press the START/STOP button. 
  1. If your Nissan doesn’t have a port:
  • Step on the brake or clutch as you press the key fob against the START/STOP button.

Getting a Nissan Key Fob Battery Change

Great, now you can drive your Nissan all around Overland Park, but this is still a bit of a hassle. If you want to avoid having to repeat these steps, you’ll want to replace the battery in your Nissan smart key. You can easily order the replacement you need for your Nissan key fob battery change from our parts center. Once you have it, then the replacement itself is fairly easy to do

  1. Remove the hidden key you used to get into your Nissan.
  2. Remove the key housing and take out the old battery after taking note of the position.
  3. Replace the CR2025 battery, making sure the negative side of the battery is facing up toward you.
  4. Put the key fob back together, and test it to ensure it works properly.

Elevated Nissan Can Help You With Your Nissan Key Fob

Still having trouble or would rather have a professional’s help? Contact us with any questions you have, and you can always schedule an appointment with our service center in Merriam. We know the steps of how to start a Nissan with a dead key fob backwards and forwards, so we can help you and show you how to do it yourself in case it happens again. If you found our guide helpful, be sure to keep up with our other service tips and tricks, and stay informed on car maintenance!

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